Minster’s Prayer Network

Apostolic Mandate for the Women


2021 Schedule

AUG. 12TH – 14TH

All Times are United States Eastern Standard Time

Thursday Aug.12th
Friday Aug. 13th
Saturday Aug. 14th

Time: 8PM ET

Speaker: Jeff McGee

Topic: In Such A Time As This

Time: 10AM-12PM ET

Ministry Time: Individual Prayer Need, and Healing

Time: 10AM-12PM ET

Speaker: Apostle Remy Bruner

Topic: We Need the Strong and Mighty

Time: 2-4PM ET

Personalized Ministry Time: Prophetic Ministry, Dream Interpretation

Time: 2-4PM ET

Speaker: Pastor Ann Ott

Topic: How to Hear God for Yourself

Time: 8PM ET

Speaker: Apostle Mosy Madugba

Topic: How Do We Pray?

Time: 8PM ET/7PM Central

Speaker: Apostle Gloria Madugba

Topic: We Need To Hold on to God’s Word

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