Apostolic Women Mandate

A mandate is an authorization given or conferred on someone to carry out specific tasks or assignment.

The Apostolic Women are being raised by God in this season to carry out major Kingdom assignments. Whenever God wants to start new moves or move the church into a new season, He mobilizes women. He knows what potentials He has loaded them with and He knows that when they come on board, the kingdom agenda is accomplished better and faster, within record time. This is an entirely new season for mpn and for the global Church. We have entered the Kingdom Age, when men and women must build together with team spirit and unity, a season when the power of God will be demonstrated through signs and wonders as never before, a season of evidence and great manifestations of his glory.

God desires that the church will go forward and recover lost grounds. He is on a jet lane in this season and wants the task finished in record time. Since women most in most local church congregations form three quarters of the church’s work force, God is utilizing them as vessels of honour, with apostolic mantles, to execute Kingdom Projects faster and better in this season. No room for complacency. We must arise and partner with Him in this season. Isaiah 32:9-10. There is need to arise out of our ivory beds and our complacency. It is now or never. There is no more time to waste.

As part of the corporate, global, apostolic force, may I say in summary that the Apostolic Women are called to carry out the following Kingdom assignments:

A. As Regards MPN Work

i. To be an outstanding essential inseparable part of the mpn global work force. We are not an autonomous women group. We are part and parcel of the mpn family.

ii. Where the other units exist, we are to attend the mpn monthly apostolic and prophetic meetings. If in any city where we exist we discover that the other units do not exist, it is our responsibility to prayerfully mobilize men and youths from every aspect of the society to set up the other units as well. The supervising Coordinator should be informed when this new chapter is birthed, so he/she can get it officially inaugurated. By the new structure, the Apostolic Women’s Coordinator in the City or State is the Assistant Head Coordinator of the mpnChapter there.ii. We aggressively mobilize men, materials, and money to facilitate successful and excellent execution of mpn conferences and projects like the ICC –International Conference Centre.

iii. We generate a very strong prayer force, to give birth to global and city-wide prayerquake gatherings and to sustain mpn on-going task of reformation around the world.

B. As Regards The Kingdom

Sensitize and awaken kingdom women to their mandate in this crucial season of the church on earth.

God is a God of times and seasons (Eccl 3:1). He makes everything beautiful in its time (Eccl 3:11). So many global prophets and apostles have confirmed that God’s satellite is beaming strongly on women in this season as never before. He is focusing His attention on them and has released upon them a special apostolic mantle to do things that they ordinarily would not have been able to do before now. Because there is a special open heavens over them, an unusual grace has also been released to them to transform and impact their world and to change the course of history. It is an entirely new season for women. It is their dawning of a new day and God is already doing new awesome things with them in this season.He is raising them as special squad to carry out brilliant tasks for Him and to plunder hell and mesmerize the devil and his cohorts. The boast God made with the woman and her seed in Gen 3:15 is becoming more actualized in this season than any other time in history.

In February 2010, the Lord spoke to Rev. Mosy U. Madugba very clearly that the decade 2011-2020 will be the most important decade in the history of the Church in the world. He also said that it will be a decade of righteousness and the greatest manifestation of the power and glory of God on earth.

He also told him that it will be the best decade of God’s daughters, a decade when women will have the greatest opportunities to become anything they want to become on the surface of the earth, a decade which will afford them the greatest opportunities worldwide to excel and make unprecedented progress in every field of human endeavour. In this decade, women will be asked to occupy positions they have been denied since creation. They will take their place at the frontlines to do what they have never done before. It is a decade to prepare kingdom queens and royal maidens to play their roles in the palaces and governments of different nations. They will partner with the Barracks and the men of the Issachar company, to ensure that the Kingdom assignment is finished faster and better. This will facilitate and increase the speed of the work worldwide.

Considering that this does not fit well into some cultural modes, and even in some traditional church settings, because of some prevailing preconceived notions in some quarters about the place of women in the church and in the society, Rev. Mosy Madugba began to ask the Lord for tangible evidences to convince the women that it is their season to arise and to convince the men that the women’s time of elevation has come. On January 1st, 2011, the very first day of this decade, a day that should normally be a public holiday, when families relax in their homes, and some to together to beaches or amusement parks for recreation, two great events took place in the world. A woman, Dima Rousseff of Brazil, was sworn in as the new president of Brazil, the largest nation in South America. The same day, Switzerland, a very conservative nation, so trusted by the world, that most political thieves from around the world go there to hide their monies, also swore in their first female President, Michelin Calmy-Ray. We knew for sure that God was making a major statement. In the case of Switzerland, they already had a female Vice-President. For them to also elect a woman to be their president, thereby entrusting all the wealth in that nation in the hands of women, then, the season of the woman is here

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